In this body of work I am trying to explore urban landscapes, especially those in the west developed parts of the world. It seems like the industry is occupying every unspoiled spot and natural resources are often being used for the benefit of industrial activities. As the result of man-made changes, the individual becomes alienated to his surroundings; as if to compensate on that, imaginary worlds and views have become part of our cities and landscapes, these sights range from the sublime to the scary and ridiculous.

The first series(1-3) portrays a fake Palm tree on the beach, Sports facilities and a poster in the background, in all of them lies a promise to have an experience in nature, the Gas Station looks like a structure made of Lego.  The second series(4-6) portrays an odd and exotic looking place that serves as an industrial area, the site looks unfriendly, abandoned and is disfiguring the landscape.  The third series(7-9) portrays a construction site, water is threatening the playing kids and there is a sense of danger within the scenes.  The forth series(10-12) portrays the connection between culture(piano) and spirituality(holy books) and down to earth objects(work tools and a fuel pump).  The fifth series(13-15) portrays few individuals in various locations, their alienation and facial expressions might raise questions about their cause, is this their nature or the result of a social code?               

Down to Earth, 2014  Curator: Anat Mandil

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