I am trying to examine the narratives and various artistic preferences that b&w and color images can offer. The series presents pairs of color and b&w images which reflect conflicting and complementary situations. Wild, fantastic natural landscape contrasting a cultural landscape, serenity in the wild nature contrasting fear and surprise in urban nature, moderation and restraint contrasting freedom and externalization. In positioning pairs of photos side by side, I examine their diverse narratives.

First series(1-4) composition 1 - A landscape view is contrasting a composition of worn-out books and a photograph from the Oslo Peace Agreement. Today, the agreement is a fantasy, like the landscape image. The literature that holds knowledge and human culture is contrasting the wild nature. In b&w the fantasy does not exist, there is just documentation and history.

Second series(5-12) composition 2 - The theme is a gaze. A girl, not aware of the camera is wandering in the open field. She is contrasting a troubled looking child. A group of girls is peeking at a couple in an intimate situation. The couple is not aware of the girls. The Camera records the conscious and the unconscious moments. The images have bold colors and they remove the filter from the b&w, which is softer and requires prolonged and reflective observation.

Third series(13-15) composition 3 - A portrait of an ecstatic women is contrasting a conservative, reserved looking man. While she is not afraid to let all her feelings go, the man looks distant and inaccessible.

Color@Black&White 2014

Curator: Anat Mandil

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