No Place - Irith Gubi Photography(irithgubi)

As I approached the old apartment building and its enchanting inner courtyard,  the magic of a secret was being revealed with every step I made.  The Officers-House, located in Jaffa, used to be accommodated about 80 years ago, by British officers and their families. The ragged walls, wrapped in a solid construction, bear within them a long-standing history, they retain the energy and actions of their inhabitants and are the sole evidence to the life that took place there.  An outline of a girl is painted on the walls, maybe sort of a schema of a soldier that reappears in the corners of the house like a stamp, trying to create a decoration or a personal statement.  

During the documentation process, I am searching for traces, it feels as if I am scratching the yellow and blue paint layers in order to expose the underlying, where there is no color, just black and white imagery.  Our memory is usually colorful and vibrant, it is not always real but might be the product of fantasy and wishful thinking.  As opposed to evidence, the memory appears in shimmering colors, like a peeling wall, a painting at a door and a glittering reflection.

No Place 2014 

Curator: Anat Mandil

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